We’re settled in Mendoza, Argentina

For many generations we’ve been passionate about our land

We hope you enjoy our grape concentrates as much as we enjoy making them

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What We Do

We harvest the grapes in our vineyards located in San Martín, Mendoza, where soil conditions are optimal for grape growth. What makes us stand out is that the grape juice we work with comes entirely from our crushing and pressing processes. Our plant doesn’t rely on external preproduction or subcontracted processes, achieving full traceability.

Thanks to our high-technology machinery, Allub Hnos produces a grape juice concentrate of clear appearance and water white color, which preserves the natural flavors of the fruit. Then, an aseptic filling system guarantees the highest quality of our products, showing our commitment with food safety and customer satisfaction.


Recent studies support the cardioprotective nature and the potent antioxidant properties of grapes. Grape juice is the new-age detox drink.

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A Good Fit For Many Industries


Concentrates are used as a base for winemaking. Industries such as food, drinks, cosmetic and pharmaceutical also use grape juice as a natural sweetener.

Our Factory

About Our Country

In 2019 Argentina produced 28% of the worldwide grape juice concentrate export

90% of the country’s yearly production of 134.500 tonnes were destined for export

The vines were grown on 215.000 hectares, with Mendoza as the main wine-grower, occupying 70.4% of the total area


Commercialization Manager: Jorge Allub allubhnos@allubhnossrl.com.ar
Production Manager: Saúl Sosa saulsosa@allubhnossrl.com.ar
Phone: +54 0261 156740543
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